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Pope Francis announces an exceptional Urbi et Orbi blessing at 6pm on the forecourt of the Saint Peter's Basilica
27 March 2020 - 09h19
Even if the St. Peter's Square will be empty, the Holy Father invites everyone to join in this time of prayer through the media, radio, television and the internet. This initiative is exceptional since the Urbi et Orbi blessing is normally only given each Christmas, Easter and when a new Pontiff Sovereign is elected.
Regional public transport free of charge for nursing staff
26 March 2020 - 15h44
Nursing staff can travel freely on all regional public transport for the duration of quarantine. This measure applies on presentation of a professional card or certificate from the employer said the president of the PACA region. If necessary, subscriptions will be reimbursed.
Last night, RMC Découverte has broadcast "Monaco, le Rocher de tous les défis"
26 March 2020 - 10h41
The documentary's replay, dedicated to the Principality, is available here.
Yesterday, the Prince talked to RTL
24 March 2020 - 16h20
Yesterday, the Sovereign answered Christophe Pacaud's questions speaking to RTL.
Coronavirus: Didier Gamerdinger takes stock
24 March 2020 - 16h06
Didier Gamerdinger, government adviser-minister of Health and Social Affairs, gives a press conference at 4:30pm to take stock of the coronavirus crisis. Report to come on the website of La Gazette de Monaco.
Coronavirus: communication of the Government
23 March 2020 - 16h53
The Government through its Minister of Interior Patrice Cellario is holding a press conference since 4:45pm in order to report on the data and the measures taken to fight against the spread of the coronavirus. A report will then be published on the La Gazette de Monaco website.
Coronavirus: the National Council proposes the creation of a coordination group with the government
22 March 2020 - 16h34
Thursday, during the public session in the hemicycle, the government adviser-Minister of Finance and National Economy, had proposed the creation of a "monitoring committee" with representatives of the National Council "in order to share regularly information on the ground and the application of practical measures decided by the government”. Yesterday, the National Council, in a press release, considering that this committee would be "attached to the only department of Finances" and that "this crisis impacts all the budgetary aspects of the State", declares "to wait from the government for its agreement for the constitution of 'a joint group to coordinate measures linked to COVID19' explaining that it should be chaired by the Minister of State. At this hour, we do not know the position of the government whose Sovereign affirmed, Thursday, in his address at the opening of the session, that it was up to him, in times of crisis even more than in ordinary times, to administer the Principality in everyday life.
Coronavirus: six new cases in Monaco
22 March 2020 - 16h01
Last night, a government press release has revealed six new positive cases to COVID-19.
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