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Bulthaup, la cuisine ultra-fonctionnelle

1 February 2019 - 10h46

Jérôme Roguet, the Associate Director for the German brand in the Principality, talks about the inauguration of the showroom in Place des Bougainvilliers in mid-November. Created in 1949 by Martin Bulthaup, the brand of the same name has become a point of reference in the world of high-quality kitchens thanks in part to its wall mounting system. With its three timeless collections, b1, b2 and b3, Bulthaup focuses above all on ergonomics and practicality.

For some months, Bulthaup has been cohabiting in Place des Bougainvilliers with the MMS brand, which specializes in planning for the service sector. “We created a second company with Jonathan Guez, the co-founder of MMS, a year ago in order to cater more for the hotel and residential sectors. It was when they found out that we were developing this latest branch that Bulthaup contacted us”, says Jérôme Roguet, continuing confidently: “As far as kitchens are concerned, there is the lower end, the mid-range segment, and premium kitchens. The German Bulthaup company, which focuses on the functional, is in the latter sector”. It is its wall mounting system that is the iconic feature of the brand, however. “It’s a system, a criss-cross of vertical and horizontal rails that supports wood or aluminium panel, on which modules are installed. One can also suspend worktops, cabinets, 200 kilogram refrigerators and wine cellars with no problem”, explains Jérôme Roguet. This is a feature that has since been widely copied by other competitors.

From the b1 to the b3

Another symbolic characteristic is the fact that the brand offers three different collections: b1, b2 and b3. “The b1 is a short line, an entry point for the brand’s kitchens. It has a smaller range of finishes and fits a smaller budget, and it isn’t hung on the wall. We are in more of a ready-to-wear area”, says Jérôme Roguet, taking his comparison from the world of fashion. “With the b3, we’re the world of haute couture. There are no limits in terms of finishes and implementation; you can do absolutely anything you wish”. This line has the most sales, in contrast with the b2, which represents the minority. “It’s a concept kitchen based on a family of four. It has cabinets that look like walnut or oak boxes when they are closed, and when they are open, they reveal a china cabinet or a refrigerator, for example. It is the minimum essential, ideal for a family. If requested, we then install a several metre long worktop opposite the cabinets with a cooktop and sink, which ends as a table”, he explains.

Painstakingly studied

With clients who follow the brand, Bulthaup is aimed at lovers of plain, functional kitchens. There is no extravagant range of colours – there are four of them, and they are all very natural: white, grey, sable and anthracite. The brand relies on noble materials such as stainless steel, wood and stone for its worktops and façades. The watchword remains practicality in the use of the kitchen, including drawers with concealed storage space, accessories for an efficient layout, customized tap fittings and sliding worktops above the sink. “These are kitchens for customers who want a certain added value in their interiors. A real estate agent who sells house with a Bulthaup kitchen will highlight it”, Jérôme Roguet concludes. Fashion is an ephemeral thing, but Bulthaup kitchens have acquired their image over the long term

Délia Kriel


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