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Brevet, baccalauréat… In Monaco too, pupils to be evaluated on their marks during the year under continuous assessment

3 April 2020 - 16h02

In a press conference held this afternoon, Patrice Cellario, government adviser-Minister of the Interior spoke about the end-of-year exams concerning in particular the pupils of troisième, première and of terminale. As in France, they will be assessed on their marks during the year under continuous assessment and their diligence.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister of Education, announced it earlier today. Students will be graded on the basis of continuous assessment and their diligence. A declaration that triggered a reaction from Monaco, through Patrice Cellario, recalling that “the pupils were prepared to write, whether it is the brevet or the baccalauréat, these French exams.” As it might have been expected, the Principality therefore aligns itself with the decisions taken by the neighboring country by favoring an evaluation over continuous assessment “according to methods which must seek equity between the pupils”, specified the government adviser-Minister of the Interior. The marks received during the quarantine period will therefore not be taken into account in the marking of the final exam.

Measures for the brevet and baccalauréat

In detail, the mark of the pupils who sit the brevet will be established by calculating the average of the marks of the three trimesters of the school year. The same for the première students, with one exception, with “the organisation of an oral exam only for the French test which should be held in the last days of June, or even the first few days of July.” Patrice Cellario explained that “the number of texts for the french oral exam has been revised downwards from 20 to 15 for the general streams and to 12 for the technological streams”. Here again, a position similar to France. Graduate students will also be assessed over their marks during the year. An examination board will be set up to harmonise their marks and in particular to take into account the progression as well as the diligence of the pupils during the year. “There is no question of it being a discounted brevet or baccalauréat. The honours will still be given,” warned Patrice Cellario. As in France, the retakes will take place in July for students who have had an average between 8 and 10 and a baccalauréat session will be held in September, which “terms are likely to be reviewed”. Finally, the same measures apply to the vocational baccalauréat with the inclusion of internships and school report books in the average of students. “In total, they are nearly 420 students who should have taken the baccalaureate exam to be concerned and roughly the same number for the brevet,” said the government adviser-Minister of the Interior.

“The educational community mobilised”

Patrice Cellario wished to underline that despite the circumstances, “the whole educational community continues to be mobilised in order to prepare and support the students for these exams”, also wanting to “reassure the parents”. He thus spoke about the reform of the baccalauréat which “introduces a significant dose of continuous assessment throughout the year of première and of terminal”. Then he also paid tribute to the direction of Monaco’s National Education and to all the staff, “who after three weeks of quarantine spared neither their time nor their effort to ensure educational continuity despite the distance”. Asked about dropping out of school, the government adviser-Minister of the Interior stressed that there were no “dropouts” for the FANB establishments and Lycée Albert Ier. However, this is not the case for the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier, since he admitted that it was difficult to keep in touch with about 9% of the students. Finally, the Principality’s students will “be able to take a break” at the end of next week, since there will be  a 15-day break of school. Holidays which nevertheless risk to be very similar to their daily life over the past three weeks …


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