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BoConcept, a brand with style

7 July 2019 - 13h16

Named the “Best Franchise Lifestyle 2019” by the Global Franchise Awards, the Danish brand, which was founded in 1952, has enjoyed success since the time it arrived in the Principality 12 years ago. The manager of the showroom, Sarah Pacôme, discusses BoConcept’s DNA and explains the strengths of the Scandinavian brand, which marries quality with attractive prices.

Same address, same space. Since it arrived at 32 Boulevard des Moulins in 2007, BoConcept has been playing the loyalty card. In its U-shaped showroom, whose windows are separated by the entrance to the Victor Palace, the Danish brand deceives the eye of its customers, because in fact it has almost 450 square metres of space! From small dishes, lighting and paintings to furniture centrepieces, the brand offers a turnkey solution. “The priority of most of our customers is to look for an ensemble: that is, the layout of an entire room such as a living room, or an entire apartment. It is fairly rare for anyone to buy a single piece from us unless it is to complete the purchase of a set that had been started earlier”, acknowledges Sarah Pacôme.

An extensive range

The main advantage of the brand is its generous range of products: sizes, colours, chair legs – everything can be personalized! It’s also possible to harmonize an entire set starting from a particular model of chair, the various colours and materials of which can be reproduced at will on a cushion or a table. “People appreciate this even more in Monaco, where spaces are not simple to lay out”, says the manager of the Monegasque showroom. This particular attraction is also “the brand’s DNA”, something that is also explained by the fact that BoConcept is a manufacturing brand. It can also offer more attractive prices without neglecting the quality of its fabrics, leathers and woods.


The Imola chair has been one of the brand’s iconic models for 10 years, and it is very much in demand for events. “You might have seen it in a campaign with Mads Mikkelsen, who was in the film Casino Royale. It is in high demand because of its distinctive design. It can also be found at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and the Cannes Festival and in the showroom of our partner BMW”. It is one of BoConcept’s icons. The main collection is presented at the end of August every year, and is the result of work by around 15 BoConcept designers, including Karim Rashid. What are this summer’s trends? “Sable and beige and warm, luminous colours are what customers in need of clarity are looking for”, confirms Sarah Pacôme. After arriving as manager a few weeks ago, her main desire is to expand the range of accessories and to have a more complete range of products so as to perpetuate the “right price” reputation of the brand in the Principality.

Délia Kriel 

© BoConcept

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