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Baccalaureate: “425 out of 427 candidates passed it the first time”

7 July 2020 - 16h30

In this very particular context of the year 2020, the Principality’s high school students once again obtain remarkable results in the baccalaureate with a success rate of 99.53% for all series, general, technological and vocational. Patrice Cellario, government advisor-minister of Interior, in charge of national education, and Isabelle Bonnal, director of national Education, Youth and Sport (DENJS) revealed these results this afternoon.

As it has been recalled, a prominent place was given this year to continuous monitoring and to the average of the marks obtained during the first two terms of the school year, in accordance with the decisions taken in France to adapt to this context of crisis and take into account containment. Of the 427 candidates, 425 pass it the first time. “A STMG student from the Albert Ier high school must present a remedial oral. The other student was enrolled in vocational high school but has not come to class for six months,” said Isabelle Bonnal. The number of mentions in Monaco should be highlighted: 360 for 427 candidates including 83 “very good”, 144 “good” and 133 “fairly good” mentions. It should be recalled that, in the general series, 100% of the pupils of the lycées Albert Ier and François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré passed their exam, including 244 with distinction (that is to say a percentage of 86.8%). Among these: 75 “very good”, 90 “good” and 79 “fairly good”.

Very high mention percentages

The score in the technological series is 98.15% for the pupils of the Albert Ier high school and lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco (with 77.8% of mentions). Third series finally, the professional with also very good results since the success rate is 98.91% for the hotel, industrial and tertiary sectors with 74 mentions (80.4%) including 7 mentions “very good”, 32 mentions “good” and 35 mentions “fairly good”. As for the BTS, the performance is also remarkable since 100% of the candidates from the Lycée Albert Ier highschool (BTS of assistant manager and management accounting) and the lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco (BTS management hotelier and catering) passed their exam.

Brevet results known on July 10th

The government advisor-Minister of Interior and the director of National Education, Youth and Sport underlined that the excellent results recorded for this 2020 edition once again testify to the sense of commitment of the entire educational community of public and private lycées under contract in the Principality and paid tribute to the dedication of teaching and non-teaching staff in supporting all students, during the school year and more particularly during the confinement period . The results of the college diploma will be known for their part this Friday.


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