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The vital role of AVIP

17 February 2020 - 16h30

The government was almost complete to visit this Monday, 17th February the premises of AVIP, the Victims of Offences Help Association, situated on the rue de la Turbie. The Minister of State was also there.

It was the opportunity for the association’s managers to discuss their activities based on a number of notable examples. The occasion also to recall the good coordination between AVIP and the Public Security which was represented by its director, Richard Marangoni, and the head of the administrative police division, Rémy Le Juste, which has, among its responsibilities, the handling of this type of violence. As AVIP points out, the victim may suffer physical or psychological, moral or material harm. The role of the association is to welcome, help, understand, inform, support… Usually women but also children who are sometimes victims of violence or who are traumatized by the fact that they are living in a violent context. Dialogues are taking place, says Valerie Campora, Executive Director. One day, a woman in love with her husband explained to one of her children: “I should have left him earlier for you.” She said. “But no, mom, we knew you loved dad,” the child answered. Often these women are jobless or have low wages. But not always. Victims sometimes come from privileged backgrounds and dare even less to express themselves. Sometimes as well, men come to AVIP.


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Feeling guilty

99% of the victims feel guilty: “I apologize for coming to disturb you”. The issue of languages is also fundamental. If necessary, AVIP calls upon translators, knowing that emotion is better expressed in the native language. In any case, one no longer feel alone once the door to AVIP is crossed, everyone agrees to point out. This even though one can, if necessary, come spontaneously without an appointment.head of the administrative police division, Rémy Le Juste, explained that AVIP allows victims to come to Public Safety, something they may not have done before. At the moment it is more the AVIP that directs towards Public Safety than the contrary, perhaps because of the awareness acquired by the association that welcomes many victims. 


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Domestic violence but not inly…

Last year, 64 new victims presented themselves at AVIP: 33 for domestic violence including one man, 8 for domestic violence, 7 for sexual assault including 5 minors but also 4 victims of accidents, 2 for breach of trust, 4 of harassment, 2 victims of assault and bodily harm and one victim of defamation (the other 3 being files out of jurisdiction).

37 people are currently being monitored by health professionals within the association, to which must be added 9 victims of the 2018-year. Two people are dedicated to victims whom they can receive in a place that respects confidentiality. Several therapists – doctor sophrologist, art therapist, psychotherapist, psychologist – intervene to listen to them and comfort them.

Two telephone numbers are available for victims: 93 25 00 07 and the toll-free number 0800 91 90 10


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