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A meatless “day” in Monaco

2 November 2019 - 10h24

The European Week of Waste Reduction takes place from 16th to 24th November. A period chosen by Fanny Rigaud and Carla Locchi to convince about twenty Monegasque restaurateurs to offer meatless dishes for at least one day. An approach that has an impact on animal welfare, the environment and health.

Carla Locchi and Fanny Rigaud are respectively founder and honour member of the Monegasque association of naturopathy, alternative and preventive medicines, created in 2016. The first one is at the initiative with another nutritionist of the vegetarian meal once a week at the FANB school . But this is together they join forces to realize a crazy dream: a day without meat in the Principality. The goal is simple: reduce meat consumption, by mobilizing restaurateurs. Twenty of them have answered the call. A satisfaction for these two mothers, who decided to act on our plate for the good of the planet, animals and human health.

No meat on the menu

Far from the extremist discourse that can “tarnish the movement”, Carla Locchi and Fanny Rigaud do not completely exclude meat from their diet. A detail that has its importance. “We don’t want to ban meat consumption, we just want to limit it,” they say. Participating establishments include Pasta Roca, Monte-Carlo Bar, Jack, U Cavagnetu and Café de Paris… Restaurants targeting all types of clientele and free to choose the duration of their involvement in the action. “Some have opted for one day, others for the whole week,” proudly announced Carla Locchi and Fanny Rigaud.

A project started at the beginning of the year

It is by the sweat of their brow that they have approached the Monegasque establishments. The project has been underway since the beginning of the year, since the first meetings with restaurant owners than began last January. Often well received, both women also received special reactions. “Not all of them feel involved in this process,” they said. The two friends relativize by saying that others “have already become aware” and “are already acting on a daily basis”. With dreams in their heads, they hope that this action will lead to a long-term, one vegetarian meal on the menu of every restaurant in the Principality.

Audrey Corminboeuf

© DR

On the cover photo: From left to right, Fanny Rigaud and Carla Locchi

List of participating restaurants: Pasta Roca, Sensais, Colombus Hôtel, Pasta Corner, Le Petit Bar, Woo, Monte-Carlo Bar, Castelroc, Jack, Bella Vita, U Cavagnetu, L’Inattendu-e, Le Grill, L’Hirondelle, Café de Paris, Le Limun, Stars’N’Bars, Eat Me, Teashop

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