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A march for pediatric cancers: the fight continues

16 February 2019 - 10h30

The international day of pediatric cancers and rare diseases was yesterday. On this occasion, the Flavian Foundation organized a symbolic march. Back to this event rich in emotion.

They were all there. The Prince, children, parents, seniors and researchers. All together, an orange balloon in hands, a message to send: the fight continues. The crowd was waiting for the start of the march, announced at 18:30 this Friday, February 15. Numerous politicians have also made the trip, such as Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Patrice Cellario, Minister of the Interior, and Stéphane Valéri, President of the National Council.

It is a symbolic and traditional march, organized since the creation of the association in 2014, which was waiting for people. As every year, the appointment was given at the Place du Palais, which was dressed for the occasion in orange, in honor of the children. Nearly 200 people answered the call of Denis Maccario, president of the association. For nearly 15 minutes, the crowd took the major ramp. Warm laughter, words of support. It is with a friendly atmosphere that the walk stops on the Place d’Armes, in front of the Monaco Bar, volunteer for the event. “My wife and I have been here every year since the beginning. This year, there are many people! The cause is important, as is the research and struggle that the foundation is leading. It’s a noble cause, “said Frédéric Rey, during the march. 


” It’s beautiful ! There are so many people, “says Denis Maccario, with a big smile, before starting his speech,” Thank you very much everyone! As I say for some time: 2019 is the year of results! And these results will be announced by Monseigneur soon, “says the president of the association.

Four years of research

For four years, the Flavien Foundation has been fighting pediatric cancer and rare diseases. Vincent of the Centre Scientifique de Monao (CSM), present at the march, recounts the beginnings of his collaboration with the association: “Denis arrived one day at the CSM, we had created teams specialized in cancer research shortly before his arrival. So we started working with the association, and started a pediatric brain cancer research project. We brought together the knowledge we had gained from research into other cancers to apply to pediatric brain cancer. Publications will be released soon, they attest to our progress. ”


For Fabrice of the Centre Moléculaire Méditerranéen de Nice, it was almost the same story: “He arrived one day, he wanted to know the themes of our research, and at that time, we did not work on pediatric cancers. It has changed a lot since then. “. A fight that Denis Maccario and his team of researchers lead to heart, “What is missing when you are a researcher is the link with the patient. Thanks to the foundation we have it. We know who we are fighting for. This gives another dimension to medical research, “says Nathalie , a researcher at theentre Moléculaire Méditerranéen de Nice, before joining the crowd to share the” glass of friendship ”


Daniela Guerra

© Manuel Vitali – Direction de la Communication

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