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80 piles for the outer harbour

7 July 2020 - 7h31

The goal of laying about 80 piles as part of the outer harbour by early July has been achieved. This is to limit the impact of such a site for local residents during the summer season.

“From the start of the project, we have always established work phases taking into account everyone’s constraints,” says Bouygues TP Monaco director, Christophe Hirsinger. This is why we hold regular meetings with local residents.” And among these residents, there is one who occupies a special place. In fact, the Fairmont Monte Carlo and its 600 or so rooms, a luxury hotel prized in the Principality, must be able to accommodate its customers in the best possible conditions. Christophe Hirsinger: “It is important to limit the impact of the site for this renowned establishment and the schedule therefore planned to complete the installation of piles located at the foot of the hotel before the end of June. What we managed to do.” In the coming days, the teams will then begin, still on this side of Port Hercule, the last phase of the installation of the R280 outfall (rainwater) with an inside diameter of 2.30 metres, the largest outfall made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) never installed in Europe.

Georges-Olivier KALIFA

© Bouygues TP Monaco

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